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Xlibris Releases a New and Touching Book Paying Tribute to All Mothers


 God’s Gifts: Mothers

by George Clyde Debnam, M.D.


An anthology of writings, poems, songs and illustrations about our dear mothers

“No home is complete without it –

Every church library deserves it –

Every college library will be enhanced by it –

Every child will be helped by it –

The whole family will be taught by it.”


Walk through the pages of this heartwarming book and savor the love of mother and child recollected by George Clyde Debnam. Debnam exalts and honors the role of the mother through beautiful poetry, songs, and illustrations. This anthology allows us to reprise our significant roles in relation to the mother and for some of us, as mothers ourselves. The author knows firsthand how women become mothers, having delivered some 11,500 babies involving thousands of mothers, as a practicing physician. Rekindle the love you have for mothers through this worthy tribute, a valuable gift to give to the mothers in your life.


Raleigh, NC – (Release Date TBD) – People would not have existed in the first place without their mothers and despite the fact that men continue to dominate the affairs of our world, only women carry the responsibility of not just giving birth to new people but also they carry the task to nurture children with moral values. A celebration about our mothers is coming to enlighten you as Xlibris proudly releases the compelling new book God’s Gifts: Mothers, written by Dr. George Clyde Debnam.


God’s Gifts: Mothers is an honorable book that features biblical exaltations about mothers, numerous poems and songs that make great sense about life, religious verses and inspiring artworks about mothers. It is a comprehensive approach to motherhood which will inspire readers to be more respectful of their mothers, to be aware of the hardship of raising family, to value family and – most of all – realize that they would not exist without their mothers. The essence of motherhood is deeply expressed through historical, cultural and religious perspectives which give this book a universal appeal.


Enlighten yourselves and honor your mothers by ordering a copy of Dr. George Clyde Debnam’s God’s Gifts: Mothers.