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About the Author

One of 15 children, Dr. Debnam was a practicing physician in Wake County, N.C. for 50 years and 6 months. He delivered 11,500 babies and performed 4,000 operations. He is the father of three daughters, two of whom are medical doctors and one is a college professor. He is a deacon in his church, a trustee at Shaw University and a trustee emeritus at North Carolina Central University. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Debnam and his wife, Dr. Marjorie Boyd Debnam, have mentored over 700 young males from the junior year in high school to the senior year in college in values of ethics, good citizenship, moral and spiritual behavior.

From his early existence as a four-year-old worker on a cotton and tobacco farm in Franklin County, North Carolina, through his studies at his alma mater, Shaw University, and at Meharry Medical College where he earned an M.D. Degree at the age of 23, through three years of post-graduate training at Saint Agnes Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina and then 50 years and 6 months of medical practice in a rural and urban setting, Dr. Debnam has encountered much along the highways of life that he would like to share with others. This, he can do with the help of the printed word. His first book, “God’s Gifts: Mothers,” an anthology of writings, poems, songs and illustrations about our mothers, is already in the marketplace.

He is well qualified to speak and to write on this powerful thesis.

There are eleven other books to follow, including an autobiography. Five of these books have already been written and are in the hands of the printer. So please stay alert and catch them as they enter circulation.

In “God’s Gifts: Mothers,” Dr. Debnam is very quick to point out that people would not have existed in the first place without their mothers. Despite the fact that men continue to dominate the affairs of our world, only women carry the responsibility of not only giving birth to new people but they also carry the task to nurture children with moral values. A celebration about our mothers is coming to enlighten you as you read the compelling new book, “God’s Gifts: Mothers,” written by Dr. Debnam.