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“Rescue the Lost Generation”





July 9, 2007



Dear Pastor,


It gives me great pleasure to present this best-selling volume, God’s Gifts: Mothers to your church. We encourage you to purchase these books and use them to reward outstanding service in your congregation. This book will also strengthen your homes, your marriages and your parent/child relationships. It will also exalt the institution of motherhood among the boys and girls of your church. It will also help you to help us.


“Rescue the lost generation” that is so obviously apparent in our world today. An accompanying sheet will tell you how to purchase these books on-line.


1.      Xlibris.com

2.      Amazon.com

3.      Barnes and Noble.com

4.      Borders.com

5.      Cokesbury.com

6.      Sign of the Fish.com

7.      Books a Million.com

8.      All local Book stores


Yours truly,

George C. Debnam, M.D.



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