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“Rescue the Lost Generation”





July 9, 2007



Dear Fellow Christians,


“A word spoken in season, at the right moment, is the matter of ages” – Thomas Carlyle.


“To improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach is the great art of life itself.” – Samuel Johnson


In the great battle that is being waged nationwide to “reclaim the lost generation,” the opportunity of a great weapon has been thrust into our hands. A book, “God’s Gifts: Mothers” has been written by George C. Debnam, M.D., and released by Xlibris Corporation. This is a book that features biblical exaltations, numerous poems, songs and testimonies as well as religious verses and inspiring art work about mothers.


Please order these books for your church libraries and use them also to give as prizes for the elderly church people who do outstanding work for God’s Church and to young mothers in your congregations.


Descriptions of the book and methods of obtaining the books are attached. Order a number of them so that you will always have some for any occasion for which you deem they will be useful. Let us give God an opportunity to change lives and lifestyles in a powerful way.


My card is attached so that you may contact me or Xlibris Corporation, Marketing Services, at International Plaza II, Suite 340, Philadelphia, PA 19113.